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Utilizing Blog Content for Social Media

Utilizing Blog Content for Social Media - Featured Image

Have you ever wondered what a blog’s purpose is? And whether or not you should be writing one? Well, I’m here to tell you that you are not alone. I’ve encountered these questions on numerous occasions and I always start off by stating that content is king and then I go through a whole “why you should be blogging on your website” spiel. You can check out some of my thoughts on blogging here, but I’m going to talk about how you can incorporate your blog content into your social media strategy.

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Social media marketers love blogs. It gives us fresh new content to use on our many social media platforms. The last thing you want for your social media is to continuously be posting the same information day in and day out. Yawn. You’re pushing your social followers away by doing that. Your social media community wants to see news and useful information related to your company and your products and services. They also want to see your brand’s personality. Blogging can facilitate the creation of these messages across all social media platforms. Here are some examples of how you can easily repurpose your blog content.

Share Your Blog

First and foremost, you want to share your blog on all social media platforms. Sharing blogs will help to expose your blog and draw new and existing traffic to your site. If a particular blog is performing better than others, post it again. But depending on the channel, give it a nice cushion of time before you repost a blog. Using a social media management program like sproutsocial makes it easy to reschedule out your blogs.

Reduce Your Content

Along with posting blogs, you can also use pieces of a blog and share it on social media. And then you can simply link back to the blog for all the details. For example, there might be a blog on dark social media and I will just use, “69% of all content is shared via Dark Social. Is your company correctly tracking your social media efforts? Insert blog link” in the post copy. Something like this is short and simple, and it invites the viewer to learn more about the topic by clicking on the link to the blog.


Reduce Your Content - In-Text Image

Brand Your Content

Your blog content is compelling and intriguing. And some of the content is incredibly useful for your target audience. So, you make it more visible with branded content images. The image can be as simple as designing an image with your copy and your company’s logo included on the image. Or it could just be an image with the logo and then the post description includes the content and link back to the blog. Fresh Kitchen does a great job of branding its content on social media. It helps gain people’s attention because it’s informative and visual. Evolution fresh takes a subtler approach to its branded content by limiting the text in the image and using the post description for all of the content. Either approach works – just as long as you are giving your audience what they want and need. When that happens, your followers will be more likely to share your image and give your brand more visibility.

Brand Your Content - In-Text Image

If you’re not consistently curating content to your website, I encourage you to implement blogging into your company’s overall strategy. If you don’t know where to start, check out the basics of blogging here. Then, once you have your blog up and running, start utilizing the content in your social media strategy. You will find your social media efforts will become much easier.

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Courtney Peffley is an Account Manager for Marketing In Color. She is a 2014 graduate of the University of Tampa's MBA program with a B.A. in marketing—also from UT. Courtney, who began as a social media marketing intern for MIC, is on the social media team and also supports the account services team.
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