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Introducing Video in your Marketing Strategy

Introduce Video Into Your Marketing Strategy

Over the next few months we will be releasing articles and vlogs (video blogs) focused around video. Not only how it can benefit your business, but also how it can integrate into your current marketing strategy. Today we will talk about the benefits of adding video to your current marketing strategy.

Why Video?

Why Video

Several reasons! It’s a great way to not only show off your product or service, but it also lets you share your company’s personality. What sets you apart from your competition? Are you cleaner, quicker, more certified? It’s more believable to a customer if you show them, rather than tell them. In a competitive market, a company’s image can be the winning or losing factor. A well-made video can craft an image that fits into your marketing strategy, while also reaching customers on a more human level.

People watch stuff. Lots of stuff. So why not give them something to watch?  With ever growing websites dedicated to just sharing content, the need/want for unique, creative content is on the rise. Making a video that is fun, creative, and interesting is a great way to create a buzz around your company. It can be a straight commercial with a twist, or something a little more narrative.  Short, fun videos that have a unique twist to them are great shareable content. Add in some branding, and you have a great new piece to your marketing mix.

The Numbers!

The NumbersVideo is a proven strategy for any marketing effort. It’s 50% more likely to organically show up in a Google search, and 62% of Google searches contain a video. Video search results have a 41% higher click through than text based search results, and people will stay on your website 2 minutes longer if there is a video on it. YouTube is actually the second largest search engine (right after Google), and has more searches than AOL, Yahoo, Bing and Ask combined.  Which makes sense when you look at the fact that videos are shared 12 times more than text posts and links on Facebook.

People like watching and sharing content, so get some quality content out there for people to consume!

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Nick is the mastermind behind all digital marketing efforts at Marketing In Color, from marketing automation to analytics and everything in-between. A LA native, he actually began his career behind a camera, working on TV shows and films. Now his infinite energy and curiosity serve him well as he revels in the ever-changing opportunities of today’s digital world.
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