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Website Overhaul for The Villages Health


The Villages Health opened its doors in 2012 to deliver world-class healthcare primarily to residents of The Villages®, a master-planned age-restricted community of over 157,000 older adults. Marketing In Color (MIC) and The Villages have a long, trusted relationship, so working with The Villages Health was a natural fit. When MIC suggested it was time for a complete website overhaul, it didn’t take much convincing.

What’s the Problem?

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TVH-Website-Redesign---Icon-In-Text-Image-ProblemThe old website looked dated, wasn’t mobile-friendly, and was virtually invisible to search engines. Perhaps most important, the old site didn’t provide maximum value to its users, The Villages Health Care Center patients. From a content standpoint, it was too much science, not enough heart. So, we needed to make the website look better, run better, and feel better. Piece of cake right? We thought so.  

Better Content, Better Website

TVH-Website-Redesign---Icon-In-Text-Image-BetterContentThe website was to center around user experience. What did we want that experience to be like? Fun, friendly, and informative. First, we rewrote a majority of the copy. Out was some of the drier, more tedious medical jargon. In was heartfelt and informative storytelling. We also loaded the site with testimonials and patients sharing their positive experiences. Quality content is king in today’s SEO landscape, so we made sure ours was the gold standard.

Image is Everything

TVH-Website-Redesign---Icon-In-Text-Image-ImageWe took a ton of new photography, replacing stock photos with shots of real patients and staff. We also implemented a stunning interactive 3D walkthrough of an entire care center. It’s way cool. Our goal was to immerse our online guests in the world of The Villages Health and to make a visit to the site feel as comforting and familiar as a visit to a care center. Mission accomplished.

TVH Website Redesign - Block In-Text Image-002

 Simplifying the Platform

With the new site centered around being user-friendly, it was important for it to be client-friendly as well. For that reason, we built it in WordPress. Powering the website through WordPress has many advantages. Chief among them, it allows clients to make easy updates with no HTML editing or FTP software required. Google search also loves sites built in WordPress. Which is nice. 

Bells and Whistles

A new, clean, responsive theme was created with usability for older adults, the target demo, in mind. Among other slick, new additions: a ‘locations’ plugin to allow for each care center to be better managed; a ‘forms’ plugin to better manage and store information patients send through the site; and a ‘calendar’ plugin to find classes to attend or reserve event tickets. All additions had to answer one simple question: does this feature make our guest’s life easier? 

Bridging the Gap

Friendlier, smarter, more immersive. In redesigning The Villages Health website, we did more than just make it look better. A lot more. We took a solid, practical business tool and turned it into a captivating, compelling business hub. With the new website, we were able to bridge a gap that existed between The Villages Health patients and caregivers in a friendly, useful manner. The end result: happy customers, happy clients. Here at MIC, that’s what we call a win-win. 

Seeing is believing. Take a tour of the full website here.