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A Website Redesign: Regulatory Compliance Associates® Inc. (RCA)

A desktop, tablet, and mobile phone with RCA's responsive website shown.

Regulatory Compliance Associates® Inc. (RCA) is a life sciences consultancy that joined Marketing In Color’s client roster in 2016. As part of our initial six-month engagement, MIC was charged with reviewing RCA’s entire website and making recommendations on how to improve it.

Assessing the client’s needs

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Icon of a clipboard for assessing the client’s needsThe main purpose of RCA’s website is to engage companies in the medical device, pharmaceutical, and biotech industries that require assistance with regulatory compliance. The old site used an outdated design; page layouts were incompatible with mobile devices; and users were forced to navigate through too many levels to access the information. The site’s SEO ranking was not impressive and calls-to-action (CTAs) were practically invisible.

RCA requested that the redesign be informative, intuitive, and easy to navigate. The new site should offer credibility by highlighting the company’s areas of expertise, as well as serve as a lead generation/sales tool. In addition, it was important to maximize SEO so visitors could more easily locate and learn about RCA’s capabilities.

Mission: Optimize User Experience

Icon of a user for optimizing the user experienceTo better engage RCA’s target audience and maximize their website experience, MIC recommended:

  • Adding a footer to every page to present valuable information and important links without distracting the main information or CTA, and to offer a greater chance of improving SEO ranking
  • Redesigning the WordPress Theme to follow Responsive Design guides and be compatible with mobile devices, including using HTML5 standard formats and a CSS framework to organize and layout content of the pages
  • Using the Yoast WordPress plugin, which maximizes control over the page titles, keywords, and content snippets to be used by Google and other search engines
  • Converting “News and Views” content to “Post” content type
  • Utilizing WordPress’ categories and tags features to properly label and catalog the content to allow for better site presentation
  • Revising links to the subpages of “Case Studies” content so they do not open a new window when clicked. “Case Studies” and “Services” should also be converted to the “Post” content type
  • Using consistent typography, relevant imagery, iconography, and clear CTAs
  • Avoiding drop downs and links that open up to additional sub-pages 

Monitors displaying the previous RCA homepage and the redesigned homepage.

Launch Time!

An icon for launching the website.RCA’s redesigned website launched November 2017 with great enthusiasm. It includes many new features including the primary navigation menu that enables visitors to easily locate RCA’s regulatory compliance services for medical device, pharmaceutical, and other life science industries. The secondary menu, located beneath the main navigation menu, allows visitors to easily find items showcasing RCA’s expertise—case studies, white papers, past webinars, visual resources, and published articles. In addition, the newly designed site is optimized for mobile viewing, adapts to screen sizes across viewing devices, and facilitates social media engagement and user-sharing. 

The RCA website redesign was a challenging, complex process that took months to prepare and even more months to complete. But the end result was a happy, satisfied client and a website we were all proud of. As marketing partnerships go, that’s as good as it gets.