A Website Redesign for Rhino7

February 29, 2016
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Our client, Rhino7, is a true full-service franchise development company, known as a national leader in franchise sales and development. Marketing In Color and Rhino7 have built a lasting partnership that started six years ago. Recently, MIC and Rhino7 both agreed that it was time for a website redesign.

Identifying a Need

Identifying a NeedWhen Rhino7’s website was first created by another firm, it was appropriate for its time. But since its initial launch, technology has changed dramatically – causing the need for an updated website. That’s where we stepped in. We collaborated with Rhino7’s team to create a website that strongly represented the brand, enhanced user-experience, and was mobile friendly. Needless to say, the client was excited for the transition.

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The End Goal

The End GoalIn some cases, a website redesign requires re-branding. However, that was not the case for Rhino7. They have a strong brand, so we reinforced the branding throughout the redesign while focusing on site functionality and navigation. Ultimately, the goal was for the end user to have a great experience and create a call-to-action that is prominent throughout the site, allowing prospects to quickly and easily engage with them to learn more.

Rhino7’s new website has user experience at its core. The homepage, a full-page slide presentation showcasing the company’s service, value, and expertise, uses parallax effects to engage the user and tell Rhino7’s story. As a whole, the new website provides a web experience that is user-focused, easy to navigate, and effective at catering to Rhino7’s audience. – Diego Aguirre, MIC’s Senior Graphic Designer and Associate Creative Director

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A Simpler Web Platform

A-Simpler-Web-PlatformNot only did we want to make the website user-friendly for site visitors, we also wanted the website to be straightforward for the client. For that reason, the new site was built through WordPress. We knew WordPress would simplify website updates for the Rhino7 team and make their lives a little easier.

The new site looks great and the timing couldn’t be better for the launch. MIC rocks! The process went super smooth and I feel like the new site really represents Rhino7, what we do and who we are! Thanks to everyone! – John Cohen, Rhino7’s President and Co-founder

Fresh Content

Fresh-ContentRhino7’s old website was filled with text. Too much text. And while website content is an important part of SEO, it was distracting for visitors navigating on the site. In response to this issue, we not only reduced the content on the site, but wrote it in a fresh and engaging style that is more relevant to Rhino7’s target audience. So the site’s content is maximizing its SEO and creating an easier user experience.

Professional Photography

Professional-PhotographyMIC also recommended an update for website imagery. This included new staff headshots and replacing stock photos with branded imagery of actual Rhino7 staff and clients in real work situations. Now site visitors see one-of-a-kind images that reflect the true business and culture of Rhino7.


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MobilityThe site is now mobile-friendly – a key aspect of the website redesign. The mobile version is clean and easily navigable for users. Smartphones and tablets bring in a large amount of traffic to websites every day and for this reason, it was important that Rhino7’s website was mobile-friendly. Accessibility anytime and anywhere is a key factor in operating a successful website, and now, Rhino7 is able to provide this need.

We really like the new site – especially on a mobile device. The look, messaging and ease of use on your cell phone really shines on our new website. Thank you Marketing in Color! – Doug Schadle, Rhino7’s CEO and Co-founder


Now that the site is launched, we’re excited to see how its streamlined communication, mobility, and functionality will positively impact Rhino7’s business!