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How Marketing In Color Likes to Operate

How MIC Likes to Operate - Featured Image

One of the things I enjoy the most about my job is getting to work with clients in all sorts of different businesses. Some marketing companies and ad agencies choose to specialize in certain fields, such as automotive or medical, for example, and work exclusively with clients in those specific industries. There’s nothing wrong with that approach – focusing on a niche segment or two can position a firm as the “go-to” in those areas and provide a steady stream of new clients.

Fresh & Minty Thinking

Fresh & Minty ThinkingWhen John and I first started our company back in 1996, we made a conscious decision to be “industry-agnostic”. We felt that by not specializing in any particular area, we could bring valuable objectivity to how we view things and what we’re able to do for our clients. When we engage with a new client, we always start by taking a very deep dive to learn all that we can about their industry and specific business, as well as the competitive set. We then layer in our own perspectives on top of that base learning which, more often than not, results in fresh thinking and new ways of looking at old business challenges.

Never a Dull Moment

Never a Dull MomentThroughout our careers and certainly over the past 18 years in business, we’ve learned about countless types of businesses. This broad and well-rounded experience not only benefits our clients, it also keeps things fun and interesting for our team. On any given day, we might be working on projects for multiple different clients – from creating a marketing automation platform for beanbags that convert into sleepers, to writing a video script for the largest 55+ community in the world, to creating franchisee microsites for a national exterior restoration franchise.

In it for the Long Haul

In it for the Long HaulI also really enjoy the long-term relationships that we build with our clients. We’ve become pretty selective about the companies we take on as clients. Not in a snooty-pants sort of way, but in a way that means we give very careful and thoughtful consideration to whether or not a potential relationship is the right fit – for them and for us. We know that in order to achieve great results, we have to believe that we can make a real difference for that business; otherwise, it’s not the right fit.

All of this has served us well, and I’m grateful.

About The Author

Cheryl Parrish
Cheryl Parrish is President & CEO of Marketing In Color with a 25-year career in marketing and advertising, nearly all of it as the owner of firms in Connecticut or Florida. She is driven to engage candidly and fruitfully with clients from virtually any industry, and to lead her team both in crafting branding strategies and creating new friends and believers in MIC’s marketing philosophy.
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