How We Met a Client. And Why We’re Glad We Did.

April 21, 2014

In January 2012, our credit card processing vendor called to give me a lead on some guy named Byron, who might need some help marketing his company, which had something to do with beanbags.

I called Byron that day. “Is your computer on?” he asked. 

“Of course,” I said. Thinking, no, but I can plug it in real quick. But only to myself.

“Type in c-o-r-d-a-r…” he said. 


“Type this in!” he said. “C –  o  –  r  –  d…” 

“You don’t have to talk to me like I’m an idiot,” I said, laughing. “Just spell it!”

“C-o-r-d-a-r-o-y-s dot com!” he blurted. Both of us were laughing pretty hard now.

“You have a name issue, I can tell you that right now,” I said.

“I can tell you right now, that’s not my only issue,” said he.

Thus began an amazing tale of a lasting friendship between two business owners.

Byron Young, CEO of CordaRoy’s, is not a normal person. He’s the inventor of bean bag chairs that convert into beds. He’s a master woodworker. He sings and plays guitar. He has wackadoo friends, and he adores his daughters and his wife. He’s tough and opinionated, but honest and loyal and fair, too.

Introducing Byron to “Shark Tank” and helping him get on the show was fun.

Now, it’s a total pleasure to not only watch his business as it skyrockets, but to get to be a part of the often harrowing, always hilarious behind-the-scenes tales of his daily interactions with producers, retailers and others who all play a part in shepherding him to great success.

Thank you, Byron, for being a great client partner, and an even more valued friend.


QVC Features MIC Client Selling CordaRoy’s Beanbags

October 14, 2013

Byron Young, a client of Marketing In Color, appeared on QVC’s “Clever & Unique Creations by Lori Greiner” on September 27. Byron is the inventor and owner of CordaRoy’s Originals, the convertible sleeper that’s both a chair and a bed. Lori, Bryon’s “Shark Tank” business partner, and QVC’s Sandra Bennett were on hand to help Byron demonstrate and sell the CordaRoy’s product to the QVC audience. Just as he’s done countless times before, Byron is seen pulling the inner mattress from its cloth cover, flipping it, and laying the bed out on the floor. Later, with Lori assisting, he folds the mattress – “just like a taco” – and drops it effortlessly back into the zippered cover. That chair-to-bed-to-chair metamorphosis is the essence of CordaRoy’s; it is what creates new fans of the product every day. And the QVC audience was loving CordaRoy’s that September evening, as evidenced by the sales numbers. Byron is seen on-camera for just under ten minutes in the segment. With about a minute to go, he sold out his allotment of beanbags – 1,100 of them. After that, callers were put on a waiting list, and by the time the orders stopped, 1,623 QVC callers had become CordaRoy’s customers. Byron said, “Thank you to everyone who made this nine-minute dream possible. Sara [Byron’s wife] and I were thrilled with our experience. And while having incredible sales volume certainly added to the excitement of this dream, it paled in comparison to the new relationships we formed.” It’s an unsurprising statement from a man who places more value on friendships than profits. Cheryl Parrish, Marketing In Color’s CEO, added: “We knew Byron would rock it on QVC. And he totally did.”

MIC Client Byron Young of CordaRoys to Appear on QVC

September 18, 2013

For Byron Young of CordaRoys, the maker of innovative and comfortable beanbag chairs that convert into beds, appearing on network television is getting to be a habit. On September 27 at 8:00 ET, Byron and CordaRoys will be featured on the QVC channel’s “Clever & Unique Creations by Lori Greiner”. That date marks the third time in 2013 that this Marketing In Color client and his product will appear on TV. Byron’s turn on “Clever & Unique Creations…” results directly from his first TV appearance, on ABC- TV’s “Shark Tank” in March. The Marketing In Color team played a crucial role in preparing Byron to face the sharks, and he ultimately succeeded, making a deal that night with inventor/entrepreneur Lori Greiner. The “Shark Tank” episode was aired again in July. Greiner has been called “the queen of QVC”. It’s easy to see where the name comes from, given the vast selection of products she endorses on her website. CordaRoys beanbag chair/beds are likely to be a perfect fit for Greiner’s QVC lineup. The business partnership formed between Byron Young and Lori Greiner has been a winner not just for the two entrepreneurs. Helping to make good things happen for CordaRoy’s in the world of television has been a source of pride and satisfaction for the MIC team, too. “We felt sure that Byron would come off as a natural on TV,” said Cheryl Parrish, Marketing In Color’s CEO. “Our people are thrilled with everything he’s been able to do – make a deal on ‘Shark Tank’, form an incredible working relationship with Lori, and now he’s moving on to QVC. We can’t wait to see him on the air again on the 27th of this month.” cordaroys-on-shark-tank

“Shark Tank” Appearance by Client Shines a Light on Marketing In Color

March 27, 2013

shark-tank2“Shark Tank”, ABC Television Network’s Friday night gem, featured Byron Young of CordaRoys beanbag beds, a Marketing In Color client, in its March 8 episode. From the time MIC president Cheryl Parrish first told Byron about the show, to the moment that Byron said yes to the deal offered under the glare of the TV lights by shark Lori Greiner, the Marketing In Color team was instrumental in getting the CordaRoys creator his (initial) fifteen minutes of fame. The story of Byron becoming one of 40,000 to appear as a “Shark Tank” entrepreneur – and the way Marketing In Color helped him prepare – is one for the books. Just as gripping is what happened after “Shark Tank’s” closing credits rolled (Byron’s segment appeared last). The crash-proof CordaRoys website crashed, under a deluge of a thousand times its normal traffic. When those responsible for the website could not stop the bleeding, MIC intervened with triage, devising a home page re-direct for internet customers who requested notification when the site was restored. And restored it finally was, early Sunday morning, the 10th.


Marketing In Color holds a Shark Tank “Watch Party” in Tampa to see if Byron gets a deal.

Since then, CordaRoys has been assembling and shipping beanbags virtually non-stop. Marketing In Color has helped Byron sort through all manner of offers and inquiries, from “mommy bloggers” seeking to review the CordaRoys product, to resale proposals, to employment inquiries. And there is a most promising result of the “Shark Tank” experience, for the outlook of CordaRoys and its brand: the alliance formed between Byron Young and Lori Greiner. “‘Shark Tank’ is great TV, but it’s just the beginning,” Cheryl Parrish said. “Byron and Lori not only became business partners in the TV episode, but the two of them and their spouses have also become friends. Just like Byron, Lori is inventive, and of course entrepreneurial. With her resources, her connections, and her experience, the opportunity for Byron and CordaRoys is just about limitless.” “Words can’t express how thrilled we are for our client. And all of us at Marketing In Color had a ball with the whole “Shark Tank” adventure!” cordaroys-originals

Marketing In Color Helps Score a “Shark Tank” Appearance for a Client

March 5, 2013

Shark TankMarketing In Color’s owners and staff, along with friends, clients, and reality TV fans, will all gather on Friday, March 8 in a South Tampa, Florida restaurant for a “watch party”, where they’ll view the newest installment of “Shark Tank”, ABC Television’s smash business-deal reality show. “Shark Tank” became don’t-miss TV for Marketing In Color (MIC) long before the airing of this Friday’s episode. The show sends real entrepreneurs in to face the sharks, a panel of five actual, ultra-wealthy investors, any of whom are as likely to chew to bits your dream of success and big bucks as they are to fund your business idea. But why a watch party in Tampa, and a second one up in Gainesville? What’s so special to MIC about this installment of “Shark Tank”? Among the entrepreneurs who’ll swim with the sharks this week, viewers will get to see a Marketing In Color client, that’s what. Byron Young of CordaRoys, ”the original beanbag with a bed inside”, will appear on “Shark Tank” on Friday, March 8, 2013 9:00-10:00 p.m. ET on the ABC Television Network.


CordaRoys beanbags are a unique, patented product with loads of visual appeal, and in Byron, possess an inventor/owner with good looks and confidence. Sounds like a couple of basic ingredients for effective television, right? MIC president and CEO Cheryl Parrish recognized the opportunity and tuned the uninitiated Byron in to “Shark Tank”. Then the MIC team went to work preparing Byron for his shot at prime-time TV, by coaching him on everything from the audition process to his on-air presence. Substitute any competitive marketplace for the shark tank, and you get to the heart of what Marketing In Color did for CordaRoys, and does for all of its clients: equip them with every tool, technique, and strategy available to maximize the client’s chances for thriving in a savage economic environment. That mission is what makes “Shark Tank” a favorite of MIC. Every day, MIC helps its clients survive shark-filled waters of their own, and “Shark Tank” is like a day at the MIC office, dramatized and broadcast, with hotshot investors and menacing cello music added. Long before Cheryl Parrish connected CordaRoys to “Shark Tank”, Marketing In Color helped Byron Young build the CordaRoys brand and strengthen his bottom line. MIC did this through a combination of website design, social media outreach, and regular blog posts at the CordaRoys site. As with all of its clients, the MIC team devised a custom-made, out-of-the-box marketing solution for CordaRoys, by moving beyond traditional black-and-white thinking, the way they’ve consistently done it for 17 years. Does Byron Young shake hands on a deal with a shark this Friday? Whether Mark Cuban, “Mr. Wonderful” Kevin O’Leary, or one of the other sharks finds CordaRoys intriguing enough to invest some cash, remains to be seen – and is almost beside the point.  Whether Byron gains a big-name investor or not, CordaRoys beanbag beds will get a high-voltage jolt of exposure – by some estimates, worth about a million dollars of advertising. That is value that Marketing In Color is proud to have created for CordaRoys.

MIC Makes Social Media Splash For CordaRoys With New Facebook Campaign

May 24, 2012

cordaroys-winnerCreating and nurturing an online presence for its clients on social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and LinkedIn is a key offering in Marketing In Color’s array of services. CordaRoys, maker of plush, colorful beanbag beds and a relatively new addition to MIC’s client family, maintained a small, stagnant following on Facebook – until Marketing In Color’s social media team took over in April. “CordaRoys had 124 fans when we started working Facebook for them,” said Liane Caruso, director of social media at MIC. “Within a month, we built their following to over 1,000 fans.” Liane’s passion is showing MIC’s clients the benefits of social media marketing, as well as the experience and knowledge she imparts to her team members about this ever-evolving field. This, combined with CordaRoys’ fun, family-oriented, photogenic products, and the Frog, CordaRoys’ three-fingered mascot, together make the CordaRoys Facebook page a must-see for FB users. At the end of May, Liane’s SM team created and ran the Beanbag A Week Giveaway on Facebook for CordaRoys. Contestants entered by liking, FB-style, the CordaRoys Facebook page, and could gain more entries by sharing the giveaway with friends. Three winners were drawn in three weeks – here’s one of them. “CordaRoys is a ton of fun to work with,” Liane said. “Our team loves making an otherwise simple product like beanbags engaging and appealing to CordaRoys’ customers and Facebook friends.”