Reinventing the Golden Years: Introducing Evergreen Wellness™

August 17, 2016

Normally we here at Marketing In Color help our clients with their respective marketing needs. But for the last year we’ve been engaged in a unique opportunity that has gone far beyond that – we’ve created an entire company from the ground up! The venture is called Evergreen Wellness and here’s our elevator speech:

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Evergreen Wellness is a resource for helping people 55+ enjoy happier, healthier lives by promoting a holistic approach to wellness. We host entertaining live events along with an informative website, where people have fun learning how to make healthy lifestyle choices.

Our elevator speech was one of countless tasks required of a startup. We also came up with the company name, logo, positioning, and too many marketing materials to count. Not to mention the website.


Because Evergreen Wellness is a resource, a huge part of our offerings is the information found on our website. Our video production team was up for the challenge, creating more than 100 videos on everything from how to get a good night’s sleep to how to choose the bike that’s right for you. Our editorial team went to work researching and writing articles on topics ranging from the health benefits of laughter to a guide to dehydration. And this is just the beginning. We’ll continue to fill with fresh content every day. Our goal is to be a steady resource for information, inspiration, and action!


Our Inaugural Event: “The Power of My”

The other main offering of Evergreen Wellness is live events, and we all donned our event planning hats to pull off a hugely successful inaugural event in The Villages®, Florida. (In fact, The Villages is serving as our launching ground for Evergreen Wellness, as it’s one of the largest and most successful retirement communities in the U.S.! We are partnering with The Villages® Health, a world-class, patient-centered health care system located in The Villages.) Themed around helping older adults take charge of their own health, “The Power of My” event featured a keynote speech from Dr. Bob Laskowski, a nationally recognized leader in health care transformation; a fashion show of sun-protective clothing, and workout tips from fitness experts. Check out the highlights below!



The Best Is Yet to Come

This phrase is how we encourage older adults to reimagine their golden years, and we believe the best is yet to come for Evergreen Wellness, too! As we continue on this amazing journey, we are thrilled to bring to life such a helpful resource that’s rewarding on so many levels. There’s sure to be much more news in store for Evergreen Wellness, so we’ll keep you posted.