Storm Guard: A Branding Challenge for Marketing In Color

October 10, 2014

door knockIf you live in any of these markets and someone wearing a Storm Guard shirt knocks on your door, take a few minutes to hear what the person has to say.

Storm Guard Restoration, a franchise-based company based in Fort Worth, Texas, has a very compelling story to tell. Storm Guard specializes in insurance restoration for homes and commercial properties that have sustained storm damage. This can include exterior restoration services such as roofing, siding, windows, and gutters, as well as painting and emergency tarping services. While this may sound pretty straightforward, it goes much deeper than that. Because what sets Storm Guard apart is that the company seeks out home and property owners who often have no idea they have storm damage.


Storm Guard Restoration branding package created by Marketing In Color

You Can’t Always See Storm Damage

We all equate storm damage to images of fallen trees on roofs and ripped siding. But what about storms that don’t leave such visible damage? After a hail or windstorm, homeowners typically miss less visible wear that can lead to costly leaks – resulting in mold, rotting wood, and other issues over time.

How Storm Guard Works

Storm Guard investigates historical weather records of neighborhoods in each community it serves. When it identifies a neighborhood that has experienced a significant weather event – even years ago – it offers home and property owners a no-cost property inspection to see if the property sustained damage as a result. If the answer is yes, Storm Guard steps in as the property owner’s trusted advocate to get weather-related property damage covered by the owner’s insurance provider.

In most cases, the property insurance policy covers the work services Storm Guard provides. But even if the storm damage is not covered, or if a property owner simply has a need for exterior restoration, Storm Guard professionals can provide a reasonable quote on non-insurance services.

Where Marketing In Color Fits In

Storm Guard Restoration called upon Marketing In Color to revamp its existing branding – starting with its website.

Marketing In Color CEO Cheryl Parrish explains, “The new branding we developed focuses much more on the positive, restorative aspects of Storm Guard services. While Storm Guard can be there right after a storm hits – for example, to provide emergency tarping – we feel it’s especially important to highlight that much of what Storm Guard offers can be performed months or even years after a storm hits.”

Storm Guard Takes Marketing to the Streets

In addition to capturing online traffic, much of Storm Guard’s marketing efforts involve good old-fashioned door-to-door canvassing of neighborhoods. That means creating an instant presence, with items such as yard signs, door hangers, vehicle wraps, brochures, presentation folders, and stationery.

“Once we get one homeowner to purchase our services, positive word-of-mouth typically spreads quickly to their neighbors. So, the neighborhood-level visibility Marketing In Color has helped us create becomes critical,” says Storm Guard COO John Cohen. “MIC gets franchising. They know how to visualize and package materials that give our franchisees a great deal of professionalism – that immediately projects trust and integrity. That’s really important when we’re cold-calling homeowners with a brand and a concept they knew nothing about only moments earlier.”

Storm Guard Restoration currently has 11 markets it serves, primarily in the eastern United States. The company is actively selling territories across the country and Marketing In Color intends to support them every step of the way.