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Working In Color

marketing in color

Every day when I walk into Marketing In Color and am greeted by the vibrantly colored walls, I can’t help but smile. Colors enhance our lives so much, but most of the time we probably don’t even notice. I feel so lucky to be surrounded by cheerful shades at the place I spend the majority of my time in each week. Can you imagine if you had to work at a place like this? (Fabulous movie by the way, Joe Versus the Volcano, if you’ve never seen it.)

Color Reflects Change

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Color-Reflects-ChangeOne of the greatest classics of all time, The Wizard of Oz, used color to make an unforgettable impact, contrasting the dullness of ordinary life with the magical possibilities awaiting over the rainbow.

Here at Marketing In Color, we strive every day to incite positive change for our clients, coloring their worlds with bright ideas and warm laughter. Our work is not only extraordinary in what we are able to achieve, but also in the colorful camaraderie that we share with each other and our clients.

Color Embraces Diversity

Color-Embraces-DiversityEach and every person brings their own hue of brilliance into this world, and at Marketing In Color, we are free to truly shine. Sometimes that even means failing, but it’s these vivid lessons that enrich us for future success. What I find most inspiring about working here is the ability for every employee to carve out their own niche and show their true colors. It’s no wonder that the melding of these unique personalities and talents leads to dazzling results.

Color Conveys Emotion

Color-Conveys-EmotionBeing surrounded in color every day no doubt influences our work. Color, after all, is so important to design and the feelings our brands evoke. Even in music, colors are such a powerful means of expression: “A Whiter Shade of Pale,” “Purple Rain,” “Back in Black,” “Touch of Grey,” “Fields of Gold,” “Crystal Blue Persuasion.” The latter of which, many of you may know from a scene in Breaking Bad

On that note, I will turn my thoughts back to the latest scenes that I’m creating, while the colorful walls cheer me and my imagination on.