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A Writer’s Parasite: Writer’s Block

The Writer's Parasite

Writing. It’s an art, as people say. Words are placed together to create a fluid thought and sometimes it’s pretty extraordinary. But the words don’t always come together naturally and more often than not, creating a piece that’s colorful and engaging takes more work and thought than jotting some words down on a sheet of paper. There’s an entire process that comes with creating such works of art and they always seems to start with same thing: writer’s block.

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By definition, it’s the condition of being unable to think of what to write or how to proceed with writing.

And for any bloggers or authors out there, it most definitely can seem like an actual mental condition. It’s frustrating and it’s easy to become consumed by the inability to produce ideas. But not to worry! There are many remedies to alleviate writer’s block; it’s just a matter of figuring out which one works best for you.

Try a Change of Scenery

When your body is too comfortable in one area, your mind tends to relax and the flow of “creative juices” comes to a halt. Grab your notebook or laptop and try out a new workspace. Go to a funky coffee shop or pop a squat on the beach. Getting your body out of a familiar place will rejuvenate your mind and inspiration will come naturally!


Take a “Cigarette Break” 

And no, we don’t mean actually smoking a cigarette. A “cigarette break” is a universal code for getting outside for five minutes to clear your head. Take long and slow breaths and close your eyes. Go ahead and even take a seat on the curb while you’re at it. Release all of the tension you have created in your mind and then go back inside to create your masterpiece!


Read a Magazine

Not only do magazines have various types of writing to inspire you, but the colors and pictures exercise your brain as well. Reading a magazine cover to cover will expose your mind to writing styles that vary from your own. Getting out of our own niche allows for new ideas and angles to develop, making writer’s block nothing but a quick speed pump.


Engage in Physical Activity

Do something that will awaken your muscles. Anything works! You don’t necessarily have to go on a five-mile run to eliminate writer’s block. Simple tasks like going on a quick stroll or even doing the laundry will involve the body in your creative process.


 Get Organized

When our areas are clean, our minds our clean! You are more likely to create room for new ideas in your head when there is less clutter on your desk. Taking an hour or so to organize your workspace will create the illusion that your thoughts are organized as well. This enables your mind to think more clearly and logically.


Go Buy New or Use Old Tools

Changing up your writing utensils will motivate you to create something magical. There’s nothing better for a writer than buying a new fancy pen or downloading an innovative word processor. Even dipping into some of your old tools will inspire your creativity. The simple task of using different equipment will trick your mind into defeating writer’s block without even realizing it.

While writer’s block can seem like the most impossible challenge when it hits, it doesn’t take much to get rid of it. Try out some of these tricks and see which one gets the job done for you. Sometimes it takes more than one to defeat the monster, but exploring the different remedies is part of the fun!


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Gina Davis is a Junior Copywriter for Marketing In Color with a passion for writing. She is currently working toward earning a degree in Mass Communications from the University of South Florida and plans to graduate in the spring of 2017.
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