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Yelp’s Check-In Offer: A Free Alternative To Its Call-to-Action Button?

yelp's check-in offer

Yelp offers a variety of free and paid tools for businesses to utilize to attract more customers. From adding slideshows to online ordering, there is something for every type of business. Two options that every business should consider, however, are the Check-In Offer and the Call-to-Action Button.

Check-In Offer

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Check-In OfferThe Check-In Offer is a free option available to any business that has been claimed (see how to claim your business), and allows you to offer a little something extra to your customers when they come to your store and buy. You have limited options of what you can offer, but it does cover most things you would want to give away.

After you set up your offer, when customers check in with the Yelp mobile app at your place of business, they will be presented with your Check-In Offer. The customer can either redeem it then, or save it for later. It is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED that you are the one to click the “Use it Now!” button to claim the offer, as some Yelp users will continue to use the app to get multiple offers.

Call-to-Action Button

Call-to-Action ButtonThe Call-to-Action Button is a paid option available with enhanced profiles on Yelp, and adds a button to your business’ Yelp page. They even allow you to have separate Call-to-Action buttons for mobile devices and desktop devices. You can have the button say whatever you want, and it can link to any page you create, or can act as a call button when on mobile. On desktop, you can also pick a button from the following options:

  • Book Now
  • Buy Tickets
  • Contact Us
  • Get Offer
  • Get Quote
  • Join Now
  • Learn More
  • Print Coupon
  • Reserve Now
  • Schedule Appointment

Pros and Cons

Pros and ConsIf you have an Enhanced Profile, you get far more benefits than just the Call-to- Action Button (such as competitor ad suppression and even videos on your profile). But to keep things fair we will just compare the Check-In Offer to the Call-to-Action Button.

The Check-In Offer is very limited in what you can give away, and you can’t link to another page that allows you to expand on that offer any more, or provide any additional information/advertisement. So you had better hope your deal is good enough to bring customers in. The Call-to-Action Button, however, lets you really customize your customers’ experience with a well-designed landing page that sells you, your product, and any offers you may be running.

That being said, the pros of the Check-In Offer far outweigh those of the Call-to- Action Button. Customers can search for businesses that offer a Check-In Offer, but can’t do the same for businesses that have a Call-to-Action Button. The Check-In Offer requires customers to check-in, which helps increase the authority of the business they checked in at. When checking in, they are also asked to leave a review, and to share that on social media. Neither of these options are available for the Call-to-Action Button.

The biggest pro in my mind, however, is that the Check-In Offer is FREE! It offers you a great way to allow a potential customer to engage with your business and even share their experience.

Businesses can always run both at the same time for the best possible outcome, but for the best bang for your buck I would suggest skipping the Call-to-Action Button and just using the Check-In Offer.

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